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Due to the quality to adhere to most smooth non-textured surface, custom transfer stickers are a great way to customize any average thing to express your personality and brand your business. Create your own custom transfer sticker using name of your favorite person, your company’s name and logo, social names and addresses, favorite quotes, images and more! When it comes to standing out, it’s important to take every opportunity possible - and now you can- by making your own custom transfer sticker!

HERE are 5 most frequently asked questions, which might help you:

1.   How do I know, which sticker size to purchase?

The easiest way to decide, what size to purchase, is to take a measuring tape, put it along the chosen surface and see, how long (wide) text would fit there the best. After you can easily select the closest size from our listing’s drop-down box, or simply message us and ask a quote for custom size.

2.   Can I install transfer stickers/ decals by myself?

Yes, most of our items can easily be installed by customers or even novices. Application instructions are included in parcel. As for those relatively large or complicated vinyl graphics, it may be suggested to be installed by trustful installers or experienced professionals for better results.

3. What’s the letter size?

Letter Height depends on several aspects- the exact font you choose and the number of characters. In other words- the more characters you try to fit in exact sticker Length, the smaller proportionally letters become (for example, optimal character number for 5cm Long sticker is about 6 characters). If exact letter height is crucial for your project, please feel free to message us your order details and we will make and show you preview with all sizes.


In most cases, you can feel free to select REGULAR decal type! ONLY in case, if you want to apply your sticker from the INSIDE of the glass (for example from the inside of the car or shop), so it could be normally read from the outside, you need to select Reversed or also so-called Mirror look.

5. How do you remove transfer stickers?

Our custom stickers are easily removable by simply peeling them off. You can expect a mess-free experience as decal stickers are removable without residue, so you don’t have to worry about them damaging your car. Warning! Whilst our stickers are designed to be safely fitted to any smooth surface, we recommend not attaching them to freshly painted surfaces or teflon based (anti-mould, easy clean) paints as well as old gloss painted surfaces which may contain several layers of old paint and be more susceptible to flaking on removal.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to visit our FAQ section or contact us directly ;)

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  • Mar 17, 2021
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