CustomStickers.SHOP Ltd is our yet not so big company, which is physically located in one of the smallest districts,, but thanks to the mighty power of the Internet, every day at 10am from local post office we ship dozens of vinyl transfer stickers (also called vinyl decals) to all over the world.

Our company offers opportunity to any person from all over the world, who uses our online shopping site, to feel free and design their own unique custom transfer sticker in any size, writing style and with no minimum order limitation.

And the best part is that we have found a simple way, how you can do whole designing and ordering process right from your phone within only few minutes.

Either it is extremely cool sticker for your car or bike, professional business banner or simply name tag for your children's bicycle or lunch box, these decals help people to stand out, so they could feel themselves more confident and fulfill their every day's bigger and smaller goals.

From our experience we have learned to use only high quality vinyl for indoor and outdoor applications , because only positive feedback's and returning customers keep us more or less visible among thousands of other competitors in the market.

At the moment we are very happy and proud to announce, that we are working on developing our own web store! Once it is finished, we will be ready to conquer new professional heights :)

In case if one day you also feel need to stand out, please don't hesitate to contact us, because we know how to help you out with that! ;)

Laura & Juris